Nomans Land Promotions: Rising Sun concert in Toronto

Rising Sun: United for East Africa and Japan

produced by: Nomans Land Promotions.

Rising Sun: United for East Africa & Japan took place on Saturday, 19th of November 2011 at the Trinity-St. Paul Center, Toronto. The event featured LIVE eclectic performances by: YAKUDO (Traditional Japanese drummers), SAMA' (Sacred Arts and Music Alliance), Ayame Kai Dance Group and a special guest performance by Njacko Backo.

This event seeked to raise awareness of the devastation in Japan and East Africa engaging people through the harmonious thread of music, towards providing relief for the disaster victims.


Rising Sun Concert Toronto


Rising Sun Concert Toronto

Audience Reviews:

“Rising Sun is an event that is a remarkable demonstration of inter-cultural concern and indiscriminate interest in the well-being of humanity. This is a supremely positive narrative of cross-cultural collaboration, people of different backgrounds unioffer relief and assistance to people of still different backgrounds.” - Eric Farr

“Thank you for putting together such a beautiful and inspiring evening of music and dance.It was a pleasure to be part of it.” - Kristine Kobyashi

“Very inspiring ; heart moving ; ground shaking extravaganza! amazing! thank you!” - Dominique

“Amazing and Astonishing - especially the Japanese drummers!” - Monica Zunich Saborio

“Wonderful music - inspiring . We all leave with blessing of our common humanity.” - Suzy

“A very brilliant show with such great variety of styles.” - Dab Whittington